Marine Summerization Specials:


Basic Summerization - Twin Engine Inboards     $300.00

Summerization with Oil Change -      $399.99

Water Pump Impeller Replacement -  Recommended every other year.

                                                                    Merc Alpha $315.00 (plus parts)

                                                                    Merc Bravo $225.00 (plus parts)

                                                                    Volvo             $125.00 (plus parts)



U-Joint Service -  Includes removing drive, greasing u-joints and inspecting bellows,  Check engine alignment,  Recommended every 50 hours or once every season - $150


Full Service Summerize Generator - Oil and Filter Change - $155.00 (plus parts)


Basic Generator Service - $55.00 (plus parts)




Basic Summerization - Single Engine - $149.95

Summerization with Oil Change - $250.00


Tow Boat - Summerization Inboard - $250.00

Tow Boat - Summerization with Oil Change - $345.00

Tow Boat - Impeller Service - $175.00 (Plus Parts)


Tune-Up Every - 150 Hours - $150.00 (Plus Parts)


Outboards Call for Quote!




We Have Boat Storage

Flat Fee, Call Today For Quote!


A.      Bottom Cleaning             $8/ft                 B.      Exterior Detailing

     Includes acid cleaning Fiberglass              Includes acid cleaning dock

          and dock mark removal                          mark removal buff and wax

   *Will call with quote    Starting at $16/ft

C. Interior Detail

Dress and clean all seats,

shampoo carpets, detail glass,

and storage compartments.

* Will call with quote Starting at $10/ft


Trailer Storage:                    Inside $200.00                                     Outside $150.00 (Per Season)


Boat Transport:                                                                                Starting at $125

(must have own trailer)  *please call for quote


Shrink wrapping Available

*All Shrink Wraps are in White, Custom Colors are Available as a Special Order.

*All Shrink Wraps are a 7 ml, With 4 in Heat 3/4 Wide Banding.

00-21 Foot:                   $13/ft

22-31 Foot:          $14/ft.

32-52 Foot:                  $16/ft.

Zipper Doors 48'' Tall $45.00 Installed

Zipper Doors 72'' Tall $85.00 Installed





Auto Repair Specials:


Standard Oil Change $24.99

*Up to 5 Quarts Oil and Filter

Includes Courtesy Inspection - Check all Fluid Levels - Top Off Washer Fluid

             *Just Mention Our Online Specials When Scheduling Appointment


    *Specials are Subject to Change and are Not Valid With Any Other Offer and Cannot Be Combined   








*Quality Auto offers Student,Senior, and Military Discounts

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